Wireless Alarm Systems


The thought of having your home broken into can be a pretty scary thing - even if it’s never happened to you - but with a little thought and application you can make your home safe and secure, day and night, and give yourself peace of mind whether you’re at home or out and about.


The majority of alarms purchased these days are ‘Wire-Free’ or ‘Wireless’ alarms and work by having Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensors placed discreetly around the interior of your home which will detect the movement of an intruder. Wire-Free Alarms are also activated by magnetic contacts which are placed at doors and windows.

These sensors and contacts are not linked by conventional wiring but transmit their information to the alarm control box by way of a radio signal.

A real bonus with a wireless alarm is the remote control, which also has an integral panic button. It is worth mentioning that some insurance companies will offer you a discount on your policy if you have an alarm installed.

Wireless Alarms are also far easier to upgrade and add to compared to wired alarms, for example, if you build a garage/extension.

The Wireless system therefore is flexible and neat - and can be taken with you if you move home - a long term investment.

The system once activated by an intruder uses both internal and external sirens to let you and your neighbours know at once. The intruder will then leave the premises as quickly as possible - often empty handed.

These alarms can also have the facility to communicate with you in the event of activation. (Should the alarm go off, then the system will dial a nominated number that you key in. For example, a neighbour, relative or even your mobile phone.)

TOP TIP! Most break-ins do not occur at night, but in the day time, where movement and noise is less conspicuous. Don’t forget to set your alarm every time you leave the house, even if only for a few minutes. MAKE IT A HABIT!


Good lighting can be an excellent deterrent to a thief. Use of infrared sensors on outside lights can be highly off putting to a potential intruder when the sensor switches the light on for a few moments after detecting something in its range.

We can also supply all-in-one Security Floodlighting & Camera systems which operate from a PIR and record images onto an internal SD memory card


What our clients say about us:

'Fantastic work from the alarm team.  Was completed quickly and professionally, at a time when I was really in need of it. Would fully recommend especially as they speak English, thanks for this wonderful service.'


'We had an alarm system fitted on Tuesday.  The engineer who came to carry out the installation, Clive is a true professional.  Everything was carried out in a calm and unhurried fashion.  all empty boxes removed after each rooms installation, so no walking around discarded boxes for 3 hrs.  On completion, all the mess was swept away, you could not tell that he had been there.  I would recommed this company whole heartedly.  10/10.'


CD Electrical installed our alarm system and we highly recommend them.  Clive was very efficient and professional.  we were very happy with the price and level of service'


'We have had an alarm from CD Electricals for a few years now. We find the service very efficient and they certainly know the electrical system out here. Those of you who have pets, they will discuss with client to find other ways of accessing the service so that the alarm does not keep going off. Neat worker and very satisfied.'


'we have just had the wireless alarm system fitted, and just want to say that we are very pleased with the service, the engineer was professional, polite and very efficent, and we will recommend CD to all our friends. thanks again, mick and b'


All genuine client comments from our listing on the Viva Almeria website

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