Time Lag Switches

Time Lag Switches

Is your property a holiday let?


Are you fed up of high electricity bills eating into your rental income?


Simple Maths - The average wall mounted air conditioning unit costs 7 euros per 24 hours to run. If your guests had 3 units running all day everyday for a week what would that cost you?


On attending holiday rental properties to attend to faulty air conditioning units our engineers frequently encounter empty properties where holiday makers have gone out for the day leaving the air conditioning running at a temperature that a penguin would feel at home in.


This is not good for the environment (unnecessary use of electricity), the life of your air

conditioning installation/s (excessive wear and tear) or, more immediately, your pocket - you are invariably going to receive a high electricity bill.


You can save serious money by installing our Time Lag Switches


How it works.....

We supply and install one time lag switch for each air conditioning unit in your house/apartment, these can be fitted with any current air conditioning unit as well as with new units


Electricity is only supplied to the air conditioning unit when the 'boost' button on the time lag unit is depressed


Time increments are 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour, 1 hour and 2 hours


So, this means that the air conditioning unit/s will operate for a maximum of two hours before the button has to be depressed again, saving, on average...you do the maths!


If you've done your maths right you will see that the cost can easily be clawed back in the

savings to be seen in your electricity bill over one season (If you can't be bothered with the maths contact us and we'll do it for you!)


Time lag switches can be installed to ducted systems as well as back to back (as in photograph above) and can also be adapted for hot water boilers.


For more information and a quote for installation please contact us....remember our advice and your quotation are free of charge and without obligation.


What our clients say about us:


'Excellent service, very good standard of workmanship. Clive and Danny arrived on time and worked solidly through the day, no 2 hour long offsite lunch breaks. I will confidently recommend CD Electrical Services to anyone.'



'We are extremly satisfied with the service and workmanship provided.

And unlike many so called tradesmen they cleaned up after themselves.'



'Clive responed quickly to our problems and was able to immediately solve a number of difficulties. He is an efficient and quick worker and we are very satisfied with the work undertaken.'



'Clive was efficient and quick to diagnose the problem, he then sorted it out with the minimum fuss all the time being polite and ensuring that we understood the problem and solution.

First rate service by all the team.'



All genuine client comments from our listing at http://www.viva-almeria.com/review_cd_electrical_services_rp30191.php

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